Explore the Various Nuances of Pop Music

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February 8, 2020
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Explore the Various Nuances of Pop Music

Two Lead Male Pop Musicians Performing In A Concert.

Evolution of Pop Music

Pop music as we see today started around the early twentieth century. Pop music is also known as Popular music or Popular music genres. Disco music, Rock music or Ballad music were the mainstreams of Pop music in the ’70s and ’80s. But by 2000 pop music changed entirely to modern and contemporary hip-pop with more use of electric instruments. Indian pop music started gaining fame during the 1980s when Nazia Hassan and Zohaib from Pakistan recorded their song which was produced by the Indian Biddu, gained popularity and around 60 million copies were sold across.

Different Types of Pop Music

There are several combinations of pop music which include rock, Latin, urban and country music. I am listing a few, but there are several sub-genre of pop music.

  • Arab Pop
  • Britpop
  • Christian Pop
  • Classical Crossover
  • Europop
  • Dance Pop
  • Latin Ballad
  • Pop Rap
  • Power Pop
  • Progressive Pop
  • Teen Pop
  • Traditional Pop Music
  • Turkish Pop

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The Future of Indian Pop Music

Pop music is still acting as mainstream for long and is dominating in various media such as radio station, social media, Television and YouTube podcasts. Pop music has added vibrant color and fun to the visual appearance and has captured the mind and heart of millions of consumers.

In the last decade, with the rise in technology the music industry has seen a drastic growth in the increase of consumers listening to music. The online network of music platforms in the last decade have created outstanding data trends that specify a steep rise in live performance and music festivals.

In recent years many rappers have risen from various parts of India and they are creating history through their talents. According to the music industry, India’s music business will double in the next five to ten years, with an annual income of 20 billion Rupee by 2025.

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