Check out the most searched all-time favorite Indian Pop singers

Renowned Indian Music Artist Playing Flute Instrument.
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February 6, 2020
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February 10, 2020

Check out the most searched all-time favorite Indian Pop singers

A Smiling Indian Famous Pop Singer Performing In A Concert.

The Dominance of Pop Music on the Society

Pop music culture started in the 20th-century era. Undoubtedly, pop music hs influenced many areas of music art, such as planning, designing, music, and stage. The pop culture drive is more trending and savvy than any other genre of music. Pop music is now generating the features of our society and day to day living of the human being.

The musicians play a very crucial role in persuading the community. The music, sound effects, and lyrics presented creatively affect the listeners in an influential way. This is particularly accurate for the youngsters and teenagers of our society, who are easily attracted to any popular music.

Music has created a social and emotional impact on society through the power of lyrics and modern sound engineering. We can see the impression of new-age trends on the lyrics and music which is entirely different from traditional music and lyrics. I believe music has direct power on people in our society which makes them feel in a certain way. Music creates moods by forming an atmosphere and influencing our behavior and actions. Hindi-pop or Indi-pop is also well known as Indian Pop Music It is famed and connected to Bollywood music. The instruments mostly used in pop music include the keyboard, piano, guitar, drums, vocal, etc. Pop music has been originated since the 1960s.

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Impact of Pop Music in Digital India

India has become the main arena for online streaming globally. The Indian music industry has flourished greatly and has captured the local market intensively through the entry of Spotify and YouTube music Podcasts. The Indian music industry has been on a swift upsurge in the last few years obsessed by the country’s rising online user.

The outpouring usage of the internet has created a rich place for vibrant streaming services in the Indian marketplace. The success behind the pop music platform is the music videos aired 24/7 by the music channels and online Podcasts. They have a significant hold of their consumers around the country.

The topmost three local streaming services are provided by JIO Saavn, Wynk, and Gaana. Spotify has gained its features and is now an emerging global leader followed by YouTube Music with millions of listeners in the Indian music market. Amazon Music and Apple Music are being a part of a larger service network. The Indian music has always flashed curiosity in the minds of people around the world, mostly through the theatrical songs, vibrant videos and complex dance step sequence of Bollywood. Over the past era, India has seen a large growth in musical activities and the whole Indian music industry is witnessing the transition in the music world.

There are several more pop singers who have contributed to the Bollywood Music Industry and it is incomplete without them. But some of the all-time favorite pop singers in the hit list include Alisha Chinai, Bombay Vikings, Daler Mehndi, Lucky Ali, Usha Uthup, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Sonu Nigam, Mika Singh, Shaan, and Neha Kakkar.

The listeners are increasing each day who are spending 20 hours per week listening to their favorite pop singers. The maximum number of people were classified as fond or being obsessed with pop music. Nowadays, the older generation is also enjoying more of audio streaming services. On the other end, music cultures have a huge incline towards Urban India, which accounts for more than 500 million consumers. Internet users in rural India have shown tremendous progress over the last few years, almost double, between 2013 and 2019.

Live Concert and Brand Sponsorship Programs

Let’s have a closer look at the substitute revenue streams, starting with the live concert business. Everyone needs to know that the GDP per capita has grown to 400% in the last 20 years through the music market share. The live concert business has not yet reached the stage where shows can turn a revenue alone from the ticket sales.

The sponsorships bring a major influence undercutting the ticket profits. In India, the live industry has been inclined by the country’s bigwig culture. The streaming services across the globe is recognized by the vast potential users held by the Indian marketplace.

Brands sponsors are trying to associate themselves with all the extents and have their foot in. One such zone is music concerts/ live music performance. Brands sponsorship from various industries has now appreciated that full-sized music festivals and events are a great way to interact with the younger audience who are growing consumers and the best associate for the music industry. Due to the varying needs & demands of the consumers has led to new sponsorship strategies for companies/ brands willing to participate/ sponsor the music events in India. Brands sponsoring the music events are ensuring their maximum product communications and interaction with the audience.

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