is it possible for Indian Pop music to be as popular as K-Pop

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is it possible for Indian Pop music to be as popular as K-Pop

A Leading Pop Musical Band Rocking In A Concert.

Foot tapping music, appealing outfits and stunning dance moves, KPOP music is everything that a music lover wants. The Billboard toppers B.T.S. had been reigning the music world for quite a long time. It has shattered all possible records and has overtaken the reigns of American music market. It is incredible to know that a country almost a ninety-ninth the size of America is ruling the music charts. The success of regional bands like K-Pop is making us wonder, why the Indian music industry is behind in gaining the international support despite the authentic music industry

Rise of K-POP

It is fantastic to find people all over the world religiously follow KPOP, even when they do not know the language. Be it faraway western countries or a remote village in India the reach of KPOP and Korean entertainment is broad. What started with boy band H.O.T. in 1996, the idol culture in Korea has tremendously amassed a fan base among teenagers and adults equally. After a short slump in the early millennium, KPOP arose with doubled energy due to the increasing invasion of the internet. Hallyu or Korean wave is the result of the advent of social networking services and Korean T.V. shows. So what makes KPOP immensely popular and admired?

Idol Training and other factors

With the onset of the Korean wave, management agencies offering binding contracts to potential artists, most of them at a very young age, has been on the rise. The artists live together in a regulated environment, groomed for hours and made to practice music, dance, new language and other skills before their debut. Whatever you view on stage is the result of years of rigorous training and dedication. Let us look at points that make KPOP distinctive and appealing to the crowd

Clean Choreography

Dance has been an integral part of KPOP since its inception. KPOP bands mostly combine multiple singers switching singing and synchronizing movements promptly. Not only is this visually appealing but also one of the main reasons why KPOP is admired immensely.

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A significant element in KPOP’s success is the innate fashion sense. Keen attention is given to styling of each idol in the band. KPOP has a considerable influence on fashion among youngsters all over Asia with trends started by heroes followed religiously by fans.

Hybrid influence

KPOP is mainly characterized by a mixture of Western sounds, along with Afro-American influx into the Korean aspect of performance. There is also increased usage of English phrases in the modern KPOP that contributes to its increasing popularity in the western countries.


Intense online marketing and T.V. promotions are synonymous with the popularity of KPOP. The bands are given a name and concept along with a marketing hook, which is the visual and musical theme that they utilize for their debut.

The KPOP industry is well organized and systematic right from the training to marketing which has influenced its foray into the western industry. The influence of the west and the fan craze will surely sustain KPOP for at least in the coming decades. The question is if regional music like Korean Music can gain popularity internationally, what makes Indian music stay behind. Indian pop music also rose to fame around the early 1990s. The artists traditionally debut in the Bollywood movies and later foray into the pop world by releasing the singles album. The internet and social networking are keeping good music in popularity, yet the international reputation of Indian music is still in uncertainty. Maybe the Indian music industry can take a cue from the KPOP industry if it wishes to foray into the international charts.

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