Facts About Indian Pop Music

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November 22, 2018
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November 22, 2018

Facts About Indian Pop Music

  • Indian pop music to the beat of which anyone can dance is also known as Indipop.
  • It is mostly associated with Bollywood films where actors lip-sync to the tune of playback singers.
  • Indipop has Hindi lyrics, and the music is often described as sugar-coated dance melodies.
  • Each song had a large orchestra film music and overdubbed with dance beats.
  • The start of Indian pop music is said to be in 1966 when playback singer Ahmed Rushdi created Ko Ko Korina. The song was a blend of folk music and classical music of South Asia along with modern beats.
  • The spread of indipop can be laid on the feet of All India Radio.
  • In 1996, MTV came to India, but it was rarely watched only after they started airing Bollywood music that the ratings of the channel soared by 70%.
  • Today, Indian pop music is heard and loved by people around the world.
  • While at one-point listeners were more loyal to songs rather than the people who sang them, the times have changed. Indian youth is following indipop singers more and more.
  • The proliferation of media outlets is another reason why Indian pop music world has changed.

     • Indipop now incorporates a broad range of styles like classical, fold and contemporary.

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