Difference between Indian Classical Music and Folk music

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Difference between Indian Classical Music and Folk music

Indian Folk Music And Indian Classical Music - Difference.

India is bequeathed with some of the most notable types of music. While the Centuries-old classical music has its base in Vedic literature and the ancient Natyashastra, folk music is the genre that has been transferred orally or custom performed music for a long time. Although both the genres are assimilated over centuries, there are some significant differences in the technicalities, emotions and audience. But for a music lover any music is music. Let us dig through some detailed descriptions about both the genres

Indian folk Music vs. Indian classical Music


Indian folk music is a beautiful genre of music that has been transmitted through generations by some unknown composers and is mainly associated with the customs of the society. Folk music is imbibed in the cultures of rural India, where people sing this to relieve their stress after a long strenuous day. These songs have no known origin but are practised and performed by people as part of their culture.

Classical music has their origins in the Vedic scriptures. The music has two foundational elements, namely, raga and tala, that provides the music with the structure and time cycle. Hence, classical music has clear-cut technicalities associated with it.


Classical music presents their art by following strict rules and constraints, whereas folk music does not follow any limitations, but each folk art have their distinctive idiom and stylistic guidelines.

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Poetry and emotions are the core content of any folk music. No wonder we hear this traditional form of art sung to share happiness as well as sorrow. But in classical music, this is only secondary.


Classical music is a way of living for many artists. People spend a lifetime to learn, teach, and keep the music alive for the coming generations. Whereas, folk music artists do not have much scope in their career or have incentives to spread this art form.


Folk music has appeal among the people who are familiar with the language and therefore the audience is comparatively less than classical art forms, owing to its niche form, have patrons across places irrespective of the language.

Whatever the music be, a music lover loves any form of art, no matter what. Salute to two prominent art forms that are soothing therapies for any mind.

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