Details Of India’s First Music Museum

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March 13, 2018
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April 19, 2018

Details Of India’s First Music Museum

The world is going digital in every form. Recently India got its first online museum at IME Bengaluru. This is a music museum that aims at educating visitors on various music forms in the country. It has a collection of music forms from contemporary to traditional. The focus of the museum is to not just show the visitors a collection of historic instruments but to given an experiential journey. For increasing the richness of Indian music, WordPress Website Designing services could come to our aid. The site speaks about a famous sufi singer called Gauhar Jaan, who is a famous singer from the bygone years. Now let us check some details on The Indian Museum Experience:

The full name given to it is The Indian Museum Experience(IME) is an initiative taken by a NPO. The Indian Music Experience Trust, this trust is fully dedicated to promoting the Indian culture as much as possible. Te Brigade group supports the trust to encourage culture promotion. The IME continues of three basic part that helps people gain an experiential insight in to the history of Indian music culture. The first phase is the one where an interactive session through multimedia sharing happens. It takes place in an exhibit area that has got three mini theatres, several touch screen based interactions, an instrument gallery and eight thematic galleries.

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The second part of the museum learning includes a visit to its sound garden. There are 10 musical sculptures that can be played such as gongs, wind chimes and xylophones. The third phase is the one where there are five classrooms, a library space and a seminar hall. There are additional features of the IME such as a gift store, cafe and an amphitheatre. The museum building was completed in the year 2013 and was inaugurated by the CM of Karnataka Mr. Siddaramaiah. The learning centre was completed in 2015. It provides very high quality music education in various fields.

It is a popular destination for school and college student visit. The exhibits are hi-tech and serves as an interactive learning experience for everybody. Many tourists come to this museum to spend some time. It is not only a knowledge imparting place, it is also fun to actually get to know things in a different way. Any music lover who visits this place will immediately fall in love with the museum features. The trust is planning to open the museum to public in 2018. The consultants to the museum are none other than world’s top music artists.

It got its design from the famous firm Gallagher and Associates who are known for their work in GRAMMY Museum, Woodstock Museum and may other experiential museum. Other advisors of the museum include Venugopala Rao an eminent Scholar, Rajiv Vijayakar, Jayant Kastuar, Deepak Raja and many other eminent people related to the music world. Their experience has helped the museum achieve its goal of educating people about art and culture. The rare photographs and instruments in the museum are supplied by very prestigious and authentic suppliers. There is even an original Shehnai of Ustad Bismillah Khan.

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