The Meaning of The Word Sangeet

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The Meaning of The Word Sangeet

There is no singular way to describe music. It is divine. It is effective. It is a boon bestowed to us by God-given talent. Few believe it to be the food that feeds the soul of every living thing – human, animal and plants alike. Few think it to be the things that bring joy and happiness to even the bleakest of hours. It encourages and motivates the spirit within. It is known to have an influence on the hardest of hearts. Music is an essence found inside every person.

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It is not just humans that create music. When we listen carefully and hard enough, we can hear it in nature. The melody of wind whistling in the trees. The pitter-patter of raindrops on hard packed earth. The mesmerising swoosh of sea waves. All this and more create tunes and songs that are heaven like.

But for Indian, music is more. The word sangeet has a powerful meaning that few other cultures can equate. When the Hindi word is defined in Sanskrit, it translates to गीतं च, वाद्यं च, नृत्यं च, त्रयम् संगीतमुच्यते’. Sangeet is dancing, singing and playing of musical instruments all blended to create one miracle.

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