Different Types Of Indian Music

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April 10, 2018
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Different Types Of Indian Music

Wide Variety In Indian Music

India is a country that has given birth to many rich cultural reforms. The music and art native to this country is one of its kind. If we start naming all the different types of music present here, the list is never going to end. SO, let us discuss some of the most renowned music forms popular in our country that have also achieved appreciation across the globe. In India there are two main types of classical music, one is the Northern Hindustani style and the other one is the Carnatic music of the South. In India we have music gharanas where the music skills get passed on from generation to generation.

It is not only the music but also the folk songs that get passed on from one generation to another. In Hindustani music, it is influenced from Central Asia and Persia. It includes vocal styles such as Dadra, Thumri, Khyal and Dhrupad. Wedding Event Planners prefer such genres for wedding occasions.

Live performance in a indian wedding with two lead guitarists on stage decorated by Wedding Event Planner KiyohHindustani Music to Your Ears

The Hindustani music has very vibrant beats and can instil a good party mood among people. According to www.indiannewslink.co.nz/youngster-seeks-financial-support-to-learn-carnatic-music-in-india/ music in India is to only about learning it is about a lot of support from the people around you.

Whereas there are many song collections from the classical times whose music will leave you spell bound. Similar to those of classical western music, classical northern music has also undergone changes over the years.

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Music from the North

There are two types of north classical music known as the classical and light classical. Like the name suggests, light classical allows more number of variations and opportunities whereas classical follows strict raga formula. The Carnatic music of the South is known to have an upbeat mood and more positivity to it. It is closer to the Hindu origin and has given us very famous musicians like Purandara Dasa who is also regarded as the father of Carnatic music. This form of music also has raga and the emphasis is laid more on the vocals.Picture of Tabla and Sitar performance

Music from the South

Music from the South features shorter pieces with a slower tempo. Devotion and spiritualism is the main focus in Carnatic music. Then there is Dhrupad a form of Northern style music that has its roots with the Mughal singer Tansen. Dhamar is also similar to Dhrupad but has a larger number of embellishments. Dhrupad is regarded as a sacred form of art and was played in the court of Maharajas in the early times. Talking about Khayal and Thumri, these are more popular in the modern times. There are repeated lines in every paragraph that the singer sings.

Ghazal is a light classical music adopted from the Persian culture. It is a poetic form of music and is considered to be an equivalent of Khayal which is an Urdu musical style. Hindu devotional songs known as Bhajans are popular in every part of the country especially North India. Pilgrims chant them in festivals, while performing pujas and other sacred offerings. The styles of Indian music that we discussed in this article are nothing more than an introduction to the huge world of music in this culturally rich country. There are many more styles that will astonish you once you get to know them.

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