Do You Know Enough About Contemporary Music?

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November 22, 2017
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Do You Know Enough About Contemporary Music?

One of the best part about being in the 21st century is the opportunity to listen to contemporary music. Today we have the opportunity to travel the world and listen to the local music from local singers. It is a fun in itself fairly apart from the joy of listening to the modern singers in their concerts. Many contemporary music composition are such that they will provide you with a great experience about variety of cultures and lifestyles. Once my friend was in Moscow and she was talking about the wonderful Orchestra she saw there by the local musicians. It is a bliss to get to experience something new and different.

It restores our faith in humanity and keeps you going for the rest of our lives. The contemporary is defined in many ways by the American dictionary. It says things like of the same age, modern, current, belonging to the same period, etc. This brings us to our question what is the current music? What is contemporary today do we know that even a bit? If you search for contemporary music on YouTube you will get a list of thousands of songs from many renowned singers and composers. Does that help you understand what is the contemporary music today. It depend on you of course, plus referring to something on the internet is not the solution.

Only a real time performer, singer and composer can give you the definition of today’s contemporary music. You have to travel the world and listen to the people in different latitudes and longitudes to understand the term contemporary music. No single definition can bind the music. We can call contemporary music as the music of the day. With time the quilt of contemporary music has got many colours today. It has a wide range of definition in today’s time. Everything is conceivable today, it should only be richer and more interesting.

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The music of this era is very colourful. Not only listeners but singers and composers also lie experimenting with their common thing. In a world class music institute like Berklee students come over from different corners of the world. The music here was majored in three different ways, performing, arranging and composing. Music education was definitely a part along with the three major areas. Where this was the scenario back in the 1970s, today the institute ahs 12 different options to major in. They also offer a whole lot of minors that students can take up.

This itself defines how the music has changed over the decades. Today there are so many genres and styles of each famous composer and performer that the students need to learn a whole lot of things to answer what is music and what they know about it. Berklee has a very competitive environment and it has created many top level musicians. The style of each musician is new today and completely different form the other one in the same league. Today’s contemporary music is very bold and has more reality to it.

Pushing the boundaries is the motto of all top institutes today be it a management college, engineering or any special skills like music. By limiting within the boundaries laid down by our music gurus from the past innovation will never happen. In order to give the world something culturally rich and exciting the boundaries need to be broken down. Modern singers are inspired by what they see around and how they can put it forth in the most elegant yet different manner. Some prefer a wild form of presenting their art. There are absolutely different ways in which two musicians deal. They can never be the same seeing the huge cultural diversity we have today.

A strong commitment to the art is what is required along with a solid foundation laid by the music teachers and experts on the topic. Students of modern music should be given an exposure to different things they can try their hands on. A true student will find their interest some way or the other once they are exposed to the entire field of talent. A musician can be inspired by the old style of music, but what they deliver has to be good. People of modern times are open to almost everything. People have become more acceptable and moved away from silos. This gives the musicians a great opportunity to contribute to the music world.

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