Why Is Rajasthani Folk Music Popular?

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April 20, 2018
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Why Is Rajasthani Folk Music Popular?

Rajasthani folk songs from India have been very popular since the inception of music. The reason behind the immense popularity of Rajasthani folk songs is the melodious tone that it has attached to itself. These songs are recognized all over the world for its uniqueness. The speciality of Rajasthani Folk songs is the contribution made by music gharanas to it. Rajputs are known for their rich art and culture. It is not only in the field of music but Rajputani kundan jewellery is famous.. You can find kundan and Diamond Jewellery Online at a fairly good deal with amazing designs. According to www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/music/world_music/music_india1.shtml music is a great contributions from India and they start learning music from a very early age.

Musical Instruments Used:
Let us talk about some of the folk musical instruments used by Rajasthani musicians. The most popular ones are Rawanhattha, Sarangi, Morchang, Kamayacha ad Ektara. These are stringed instruments and are used in almost every Folk song. During the festivities like Holi people come together to play different musical instruments like Chang and Daf. You can find instruments of various shapes and sizes. There are jumbo size nagadas to tiny sized damrus that find their use in Folk music.

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Different Types Of Flutes Used:
Pipe instruments like flutes, here we have Poongi, Shehnai, Been, Bankia, Tarpi and Algoza. One can find shehnai music in most Indian wedding parties. Even in wedding songs, shehnai music is treated like a signature style. All the instruments mentioned above have a speciality of their own. Each one is quite exotic in the beauty it imparts to every folk songs. Many people take up training to learn how to play the musical instruments. Rajasthan has a very rich cultural diversity, however there are a few communities that are specially famous for their music.

Different Style Of Music:
People from different parts of the state have their own style of music. Most famous ones are Jogis of Mewat, Mirasis, Banjaras, Kanjars, Dholies, Langas and Manganiyars. Various types of performances common in the state are Nautanki, Rammat, Tamasha, Maach, Kuchamani Kayal and Rasleela. All kinds of performances serve as a great tourist attraction for people visiting our country from across the world. Langasa and Manganiyars are the most cherished ones whose music takes the beauty of Rajasthan to various places in the world.

Different Music For Different Occasions:
An interesting fact about Manganiyars and Langas is that they sing only a specific raga at a specific time of the day. They have special songs reserved for different occasions like wedding, births, etc. The lyrics of the folk songs are getting carried on from generations. The inspiration include the local culture. Contribution by Rajasthani Folk singers to Sufi music is splendid. You must hear Latif, Amir Khusro and Bulleh Shah. These names are a few among Sufi inspirations. Once you visit Rajasthan every other thing will grab your attention. The clothes, the culture and the people all seem so vibrant and attractive that it’s difficult to keep your eyes off them.

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