Want To Develop A Taste For Classical Music?

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Want To Develop A Taste For Classical Music?

Many times we miss upon beautiful things just because we are so resistant to trying new things. You will be shocked to see the results once you start analyzing what all you haven’t tried in your life yet. You must have heard your parents or grandparents listen to classical music for hours. It is obvious in most cases that you will find it not so interesting in the first try. However, there are few Classical Music Composition playlists that can make you fall in love with classical music all at once. It all depends on what you are hearing. Do you like every pop song? The answer is no. Similarly not all classical songs can be everybody’s favourite.

Therefore start listening to them after consulting a few people who listen to them already. Take recommendations and then proceed so that you get to listen to some of the best numbers of those times. Another interesting step could be to read about it. Sometimes we all feel this, after reading a book we realise that they had a movie for this novel! Seeing all the book characters come alive in front of us is a great feeling. Similarly, if we read about the most famous and revolutionary music albums and singles of old times it might interest us to listen to them.

The most attractive part of classical music is its lyrical artistry. In those days songs had the perfect words that could melt anybody’s heart. Classical music underwent many stages of transformation over the centuries. In the medieval era from 1150 to 1400 century music was mostly related to the Church and were made with a religious basis. Georgian chants that were monadic developed over the years. Then came the Renaissance era from 1400 to 1600 century. It marked the era of freedom in music. People started writing very different songs in this age and many influential composers came up like Dupay, Despres, Dunstable and Ockeghem.

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It was the golden era of choral compositions when anthems, psalms, motets and masses originated. It was the first time when music took the form of fantasies, dance movements and variations. From the 1600 century began the Baroque era. The tradition of modern orchestra was formed in this era. Opera came in to existence in this very century. The previous age of Renaissance music was replaced by the viola, bolder violin and viol of the Baroque age.

The era of the main classical music started in the 170 century. It became more prominent after 1750 when a number of musical genres originated. The instrumental compositions that were developed in this era is followed till date. The classical musicians had an obsession with structural clarity of music compositions. Mostly classical music had a story attached to it. Every song had a story of its own and the music was totally different from others. It was original and defined the state of human existence in different ways. The music was very delicately created with sound lyrics and intonation.

Then came the age when composers started to encourage romanticism through songs. This marked the beginning of an entirely new era from 1860 to 1920. The famous composers of this era Bruckner and Brahms focused more on dramatic tone of songs. They also led emphasis on the emotional content of a composition. It was back then some of the most wonderful romantic and emotional songs came in to existence that can mesmerize you even today. Currently we live in the Post great war era that has a distinct taste for music. Many changes have come up in the tastes and preference of the listeners.

The music is also very different from what it used to be earlier. People love experimenting with the style these days. This gives the origination of many pop songs and hip hops. Even romantic songs have a very distinct way now. This history to present talks about the classical music can go on and on. Getting back to developing a taste for classical music, you can do it by listening to the famous composers whom we mentioned in the article. This new year take a resolution to try something new and let it be giving your hands on to classical music.

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