The Journey Of Indian Music

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March 13, 2018

The Journey Of Indian Music

Music has always been a part of Indian culture and dates back to several centuries ago. Over time, Indian classical music has been able to distinguish itself into two, which is Hindustani music which is a style of Indian music followed in north India and Carnatic music which is a style of music followed in south India. While Indian music has been there since the time of the Vedas, it has been used mostly for religious purposes as well for art. Musicians were also an essential part of the courts of kings in India. Saint-poets of India such as Meerabai, Kabirdas, and Tulsidas used music to express their devotion to god. Over time, Indian music has amalgamated into the very fabric of India and has constantly been evolving. Over the last few decades, it has hit the international scene and enthralls global audiences. Hindustani music has a specific style which is generally known as Gharanas or schools which are places of music training. The Hindustani school of music is entirely different from the Carnatic style of music, as it has been influenced by the Persian culture. Of late Indian music, both Hindustani and classical has been used in the film industry in India which is also known as Bollywood.

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