Music And Academics – The Perfect Combination!

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Music And Academics – The Perfect Combination!

Image That Depics A Teenage Boy Hearing Music While Studying For His IAS Coaching Exams.

Today's world is changing, and it has become more and more competitive than ever before. In other to have the edge over the others, it is necessary to develop specific skills in a particular field of expertise. Many people opt for higher education to learn a subject or to improve their knowledge in a specific area of expertise. Because of the changes that are happening now, and the lifestyles of people, it sometimes becomes difficult for students to concentrate on their studies. Music works wonders in such a situation.

Educationists who are a part of the Advisory Council of Chinmaya Academy For Civil Services have stressed on the need for a soothing and relaxing mind of students to take up challenging and competitive exams.

“We encourage students to relax by listening to music after a stressful day with books.Music is a healer and gives complete relaxation to our mind. Boots our energy and helps us to start afresh.”

The positive effects of music have been known to humanity for generations, and more and more students are using music to help them learn better. Music, they say is food for the soul. Music has several benefits for the soul, the body and the mind. Music has several positive effects on the body, as well on the mind. One of the most significant benefits of music is that it can completely help you to calm your mind and help you to relax. When it comes to learning something new from a book, or understanding the concepts, or working out problems or even solving a complicated math problem, there is a need to have a clear mind while doing so. Music can help you to think clearly without allowing stress to get to you. Some may feel drained out after an hour of study, so listening to music can help you relax after having loaded your mind with a lot of study. In fact, music can even help you to study better.

How Music Helps With Your Studies

There are certain types of music such as western classical music that is extremely beneficial for the mind. It calms down the mind and even helps it to think clearly. Another positive effect of music is that it allows students to remember what they have learned and this can help them do well in exams. Depending on the kind of music you like, it is a good idea to have some music when you are studying, not to distract you but to help you study better, think clearly and understand well. Music helps to improve your memory while calming you down and increasing your understanding of the concepts that you have been trying to study. Research has proved that music has extremely positive benefits on the mind and helps it in more ways than one. It calms you down, de-stresses you and brings down your anxiety and fear. Many students, especially those in college who are worried about their exams only have to listen to some calm and relaxing music to bring down their worry and tension. While there are no doubts about the benefits of music it can be used in a positive way to improve academic performance, help students understand concepts clearly, get a better picture of how to do things and reduce the stress that is related to exams and evaluations. Hence it is a good idea to have some music around when you are studying or preparing for a major exam.


  1. Arun says:

    It is important that students who prepare for civil service exams should concentrate on their studies so that they can crack the exam. The above post would be useful for them and they can improve their concentration and manage distractions easily

  2. Theju says:

    An informative post for students. By listening to some relaxing and soothing music students can improve their concentration and perform better in academics. This post would be useful for students preparing for competitive exams. thanks for the above useful post.

  3. Nikky says:

    In this competitive world, students should really work hard so that they can excel in academics. The above post offers some ideas to get rid of the distractions and to concentrate on studies. It suggests that listening to music can avoid the boredom.

  4. Balram says:

    I love listening to music from my school days. It really helped me in my academics. It gave me a clear mind so that I can easily grasp the important concepts of various subjects. Music also helped me to stay relaxed and stress free when I prepare for exams.

  5. Drisana says:

    I was struggling to concentrate on my studies due to various distractions in my life. This post is a life saver. I have decided to follow the above post and prepare for my exams. Thanks for the informative and inspiring post.

  6. Rampal says:

    I like to listen to music when I am working. And sometimes during work, putting on earphones without any music also helps to improve concentration. I often hear music to avoid the background noises. Music really helps from distraction.

  7. Sathya says:

    It is true that music has different impacts in various aspects of our lives. But I believe that music do have a positive influence on some subjects. Studying and concentrating on specific subjects becomes really interesting and easy when you turn the music on.

  8. Mercury says:

    I am amazed to know that music can improve concentration and blocks out distraction. It is really an informative post for people who find it difficult to concentrate during work or studies. Thanks to the Astroblackrecords team for sharing this with us.

  9. Felina says:

    In the recent times, competitions have reached to another level for the students and people applying for jobs. We can see that many candidates find it tough to cope up with the vast syllabus. To keep their mind fresh, candidates must listen to some soothing music

  10. Arun says:

    The article suggests that listening to music can eliminate boredom. By listening to soft music, candidates can focus well and perform better in their academics. Thanks to the team for posting this article. People should now be able to manage distraction easily.

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