Medicine And Music – An Interesting Relationship

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Medicine And Music – An Interesting Relationship

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Not everyone can think of mixing music with medicine. But the fact remains that music is being increasingly used in the medical field for various purposes, both for the caregiver and for the caretaker. While the saying goes that music is food for the soul, its benefits in various fields are being found after years of research. Music is nothing but sound waves, but all sound waves are at a certain frequency and have a certain vibe to it. Music is something that has been around for several generations because it is highly benefits to the body the mind and the soul.

A place like a hospital has a lot of negative energy in it because it is a place where there is a lot of pain and suffering, both physically and mentally. Many people go through intense pain either due to illness or from medical procedures, and the people who are with them go through mental anguish and stress. In such a situation, music can work wonders in calming down people and helping them to control their emotions. Many hospitals play music in operation theatres because it is supposed to calm down the patient and help them feel less stressed.


Ms. Jennifer, a medical professional working at talks about music therapy in the field of medicine. “It works wonders for few ailments, specially psychologically related health conditions. Doctors also find music very relaxing because it helps them work better.”


Edited Image of A Woman Hearing Music with the text Music is the Best Medicine For MindMedical Schools With Music

Another new concept that is quickly catching is that of having students who are musically inclined in a medical school. Music is known to increase the set of skills that are required by doctors in handling their day to day operations. This could include surgical skills, as well as being able to handle the pressure of taking care of several patients every day. Music helps medical students to avoid the problem of being complacent. Complacency can be a huge problem for future doctors because it allows them to stay idle instead of looking for new ways to improve their medical and surgical skills. This will also increase in diagnosing their patients better. People with a musical talent who have had some amount of music training will find it much more comfortable than those who do not have such musical talents because it helps them to improve their performance.

Check Out - Music is a technical skill, and it needs to be utilized to improve one's performance continually. The same goes for the medical profession also. The medical profession is something where technical precision is essential. This skill is required for surgery and is something that will have to been worked on over a period of time. Because in some way, music and surgery go hand in hand, musical precision can be compared to surgical precision. Having a musical talent is something that is required for future doctors because it allows you the chance to work on your medical skills. Hence it can be seen that music is highly beneficial for people who work in the medical industry and also for patients to decrease their stress and pain levels to a large extent. There it goes without saying that music and medicine go hand in hand.

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  1. Siddhu says:

    Really surprised to know about the relationship between music and medicine. The post reveals that people who are skilled in music can exhibit better medical skills. Medical students who have developed their musical skills find it easy to excel in their academics and outperform others.

  2. Dharani says:

    It is evident that music has the power to cure various health ailments. Recently one of my friend got treated for his pyscological problem with music therapy. He was able to come out of the anxiety and stress related problems by listening to some specific music tracks.

  3. Neha says:

    It is surprising to know that music plays an important role in the medical field. Music can do wonders in curing certain ailments and it can ease the pain caused due to specific health issues. An informative post for people suffering with pain.

  4. Barath says:

    An eye-opening post which talks about how music can influence the well-being of patients. People who are well versed or skilled in music can very well take up the medical profession. Doctors who have learned music exhibit greater precision in the treatment offered.

  5. Rashanda says:

    It is true that one cannot completely rely on the treatment offerred by the experienced doctors.In the past hearing music has cured cerain health ailments. Music has helped to clam down the entire body when people suffer from health issues.

  6. Vicky says:

    It is interesting to know that music has its contribution in the medical field too. Hospital is a place where there is a lot of negative energy. Here music plays a vital part in reducing pain and soothing the mind and body of the patient.

  7. Kappoor says:

    I am surprised to know that music plays an important part in the medical world too. Not only the care taker but the care giver too can enjoy the benefits of music during the period of treatment. Thanks to the team for sharing this with us

  8. Roshini says:

    With my personal experience I can say that music really helps a lot when you are ill. I have been to a hospital where they play music in the operation theater and it really helps the patient to calm down and decrease the level of stress relatively

  9. Maraka says:

    I was unaware that music and medicine together have such awesome benefits. The article talks about the medical students who have developed music skills as a result of which they are able to stand out the others in their academics

  10. Mithun says:

    It is apparent that music confines a lot of power to heal people and cure various diseases. It is a very helpful post for people who are suffering from pain. It is really a practical guide for patients who want to get well as soon as possible.

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