Get over the distractions the classical music way

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January 30, 2020
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February 4, 2020

Get over the distractions the classical music way

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Ever been in a place where there is a lot of noise and easy routes for the mind to wander away on its own? Just having that one wish to leave all of it and go to some quiet place to focus on your work or study. Let’s admit it, we have all been there and done just that. But what if there was an option to have the best of both worlds? To be in the same place and prune out all the noise to have a distraction free cocoon. Yes! Classical music is the answer, the ones without any words, slow tempo, relaxing tones.

Music has always proven to be playing around with our emotions for the best and the worst reasons. Listening to a cheerful track gets our legs grooving and body moving to the beats. This is a happy emotion, which leads to almost an unconscious action where the mind lets the body loose for energy to outflow. Deep tones have always left us in sad emotion, filling the eyes up. Animated movies have always gone that extra step of experimenting with deep emotions and this they have achieved with the help of music that is pleasing to the ears.

Why Classical Music Over Other Genres

Studies have shown that people have proven to get more focus in difficult scenarios by listening to relaxing music in the background. When music comes with lyrics, the mind has a tendency to focus onto those words and hence leave out the sole purpose of music while working. The practical try is to get the energies down and let the mind focus on the task at hand right now. Even pregnant mothers listen to classical music to nurture the intelligence and productivity of their unborn children. “The Mozart Effect” sums up the short burst in productivity and intelligence while listening to music of Mozart.

Music has always had the power to be our companion on the road, in lonely situations, while working out. Now the evolution of music is that, stepping into our study and work routine makes them more refined. There are several research papers on this theme and even has a term coined for the effect of music on our brains. This is due to the fact that classical music relaxes the mind, calms the soul, and releases stress from the body, as compared to modern music. Music for the Mozart Effect is available on different sources and having a try at them while at work aids focusing well and hence the productivity boost.

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The Science Of How The Art Does Its Magic

Works of Mozart are the most famous ones to have proven effective in elating one’s brain performance. When the mind is distracted, it is always because of an unrest of negative emotions. Distraction is often a result when the mind doesn’t know what to do with a blast of emotions such as sadness, loneliness, or anger. Life can never be made quieter or without any external factors to influence us, and for the same getting not distracted is a difficult task in itself. This is why many prominent personalities have resorted to music whilst working and studying for an effective time investment.

Newer office designs come up without cubicle partitions encouraging employee interaction and collaboration. In this changing environment it is difficult to adapt to the overly loud interactions, sounds, and elements to help the mind escape into its own reality. Plugging into a relaxing Mozart soundtrack from online sources of music is the best deal to not let that happen. It is said that even a simple distraction could cost around 20 minutes of time to bring the mind and resume the task. Further studies have shown that classical music has proven fruitful for those working with words – content creators, writers, editors and web designers.

To get into the groove

Mozart music, classical music, slow music, relaxing music, music with no lyrics; these are few of the non-exclusive lists of music to go for while working to help your brain do its work. Youtube is the world’s largest source of free music content and this is exactly where a huge amount of high quality mozart and classical music has been organized into playlists.

For writers facing the writer’s block due to difficult noises around, this is the simple solution to all the problems they didn’t even know they had. Once the external factors are minimized and the mind is de-energized, one can focus on the task at hand without even having to break a sweat! Music on headphones cancel out all external disturbances, helps writers focus on the content and OVERCOME writer’s block.

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