The best app to learn Indian classical music on smartphones

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The best app to learn Indian classical music on smartphones

Indian Music On Smartphones - Learning Concept.

The ultimate countdown of best apps for learning Indian classical music

The two main divisions of the Indian classical music are the Carnatic and Hindustani style. One needs the assistance of a teacher for deeper learning, but for basic knowledge, the android/ IOS apps can do well. Most of the people might be learning classical music for the first time and hence keeping ethics in mind, we have brought some apps which have an easy user interface for all the newcomers in the Industry.

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The Shruthi box app on Google play store

The first and foremost thing which is essential for Indian classical music is the Shruthi box. Due to the increase in advancement of technology, one can get favourable Shruthi boxes in their phones. One can connect their smartphone devices with bluetooth or AUX cables with the speakers to get a good background Shruthi. One can also find apps which provide detailed information like Carnatic Tambura and phone Shruthi box.

The significance of tuning app in Indian classical music

There is a diversity of tools to come across when a person wants to learn Indian classical music. The student has to make sure that they ensure accuracy in the tuning of the device while learning the music pattern. To avoid errors in tuning, one can fetch help from the Carnatic Shruthi tuner app which possesses the vital data for the right tuning of every tool involved in the Indian classical music. What is more interesting about the app is it also exactly tells the accuracy of Swara sthanas played by the user.

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