Why Is To Include Arts And Drama In Education?

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August 23, 2021
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Why Is To Include Arts And Drama In Education?

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Importance Of Arts

Learning arts are essential as they teach many lessons such as teamwork leads to creativity, practice makes perfect, etc. They also teach children to follow many paths to solve issues and that all problems come with a solution. Many studies have proven that studying arts as part of education has a major role in motivating students, shaping their attitudes, etc. As per faculties in the fine arts college in Chennai, children’s love of arts and drama must be nurtured from childhood as it can make great changes in a child’s personality.

Students must learn creativity, critical thinking, smart learning etc. However, these are not possible if they learn information without understanding it. In order to motivate critical thinking, smart learning, etc., arts and drama have a huge role to play in the education process. For example, if your child is interested in drama, they should attend theatres and take drama classes. If they are interested in fashion designing, they can enrol in the best fashion design course in Chennai.

Reasons To Study Arts, Music, And Drama

Here are some reasons that point out the importance of arts, drama, and music in education.

  1. Life Skill Training- Arts and drama teach students different life skills such as cooperation, compassion, collaboration, teamwork, etc.
  2. Learn Constructive Criticism- Students learn about accepting constructive criticism and feedback as these will help in improving their personality.
  3. Personality Development- When students learn about music, drama, and art, it will have a positive impact on their personality.
  4. Find Their Inner Voice- When a student gets proper arts and drama training, the self-confidence gets boosted, and it helps them explore many talents and skills.
  5. Problem-solving Skills-  Not every student will have the unique skill of problem-solving. However, students who have undergone arts and drama training know how to evaluate a situation and find a way to deal with it.
  6. Enhance Leadership Quality- One of the major reasons for studying arts and drama is that it brings out the leadership quality in the students.

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Benefits Of Arts And Drama

Here are certain benefits of having arts, music, and drama in the school curriculum.

  • Creativity And Innovation- Students can learn creativity and innovation through the study of drama, music, and arts. While studying these, students will get to understand lateral thinking, occasional failure, etc.
  • Self-Confidence – Through studying arts, a student learns effective communication and connects with others emotionally and intellectually. With more arts training, students acquire many skills such as focusing on their aim, overcoming anxiety and becomes a leading personality in the future.
  • Presentation Skills- Many students are shy to face crowds when it comes to performing on a stage. Getting trained in drama and arts can help them overcome these difficulties and make them confident enough to face the crowd.
  • Self-Expression – Studying arts and drama can encourage children to expand their imagination, explore their emotions, and helps them find their inner voice.
  • Empathy And Compassion- Arts and drama help students to have empathy and compassion towards other people.
  • Cultural Awareness – Learning drama and arts encourages the child to respect and appreciate drama and dance from different communities, cultures, etc. For a child to be a perfect citizen, they must develop such attitudes.
  • Physical And Personal Development – By performing arts and drama, children can learn about fitness and mind and body control. These will help the students to adopt a positive lifestyle and lead them towards healthy habits and well-being.
  • Good Academic Outcomes- Many reports show that children who have been studying dance, music, arts, and drama are much more proficient in writing, reading, and mathematics. Studies also show that these students trained in arts and drama are much happier and enjoy school.

Boosts Imagination- One of the major benefits of studying arts and drama is that it brings up the hidden talent in a student. It helps the students to use their imagination to transform their ideas into reality. When they see the positive results, it helps them to improve their confidence level.

To attract students towards learning, the best way is to make use of the art forms available. Through arts, students can build a good personality and can boost their self-confidence. Know More

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