Astro Black Records is a state-of-the art production and professional recording studio which provides a unique opportunity for all music lovers, whether upcoming or established, to give life to their songs. Our experience in this field have given us the ability to offer valuable insight to our many clients, thereby being instrumental in propelling their careers. We cater to songs from all genres, and are preferred by many reputed artists. We specialize in recording songs with perfection and expertise.


The perfect studio to lay down your musical excellence. Experiment the qualities of the song after exceptionally good mixing .Enjoy the tune in its best form. Start your journey as a professional musician from our doorstep. Good fortune and abundant opportunities await you. Make a name as a qualified singer with the assistance of our experienced technical staff. We have the best team ready to take your tunes to fame.


Incredible facilities with high quality equipments. We take care of all aspects of music production. Right from setting the tune to recording, mixing and management, you can rely on us to create magic with your song. Our studio presents a unique blend of custom built equipment along with technical excellence. We have advanced technical mixing and management facilities to provide quality production. Our purpose is to attract remarkable talent and promote the youngsters or budding artists.


Come visit a special studio. Home to the people with a passion for music. We have a unique array of modern as well as vintage equipment used to master the art of music production. You can easily spot some of the award winning engineers on our set. We hire the best to serve you .Exceptionally talented and high qualified teams are here to give you guidance in every aspect of music recording.